Can I deduct the cost of putting my dog in a kennel when I travel for business? My company is an LLC taxed as an S-Corp.

asked 18 Oct '09, 05:01

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Not unless your dog is an employee :)


answered 18 Oct '09, 14:15

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The security dog is absolutely moot in an issue like this. Unless you are a superstar or you use the dog in your trade or dog or breeding, no way, no how


answered 18 Oct '09, 19:00

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Companies also can utilize a dog as security, but there still is no reason for boarding. Also, showing and/or breeding dogs can walk a very fine line with the hobby loss rules of Sec 183.

(18 Oct '09, 20:57) Brent Berkman

Right, no excuse to take a security dog on your trip unless you are a celebrity...haha If the breeding or showing rises to the level of a trade or business, then she is in luck, but correct about hobby

(19 Oct '09, 13:47) SandySea

Unfortunately, I am aware of no case law that would provide guidance for this issue. The closest is Sec 162 (ordinary & necessary business expenses), but in order to substantiate such a deduction you need facts and circumstances that would meet the reasonably prudent business person standard.

If the dog were a service dog or provided security at the business location, that's another story, but then you most likely woudn't be boarding the dog while away on business.


answered 18 Oct '09, 15:46

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Brent Berkman
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edited 16 Nov '09, 06:45

There is a spelling mistake. The word "guidance" is misspelled "quidance". I do not have editing rights yet. Someone (such as a moderator) please fix the spelling and then delete this comment.

(15 Nov '09, 22:04) stephenweins...

"Spelling error corrected", thanks!

(16 Nov '09, 06:45) Brent Berkman

If you travel for business and go to the airport and park your car, you can deduct the car parking fees under section 162 or 212. Using that same logic, can you some how make a case that the dog kennel fees are deductible as trade or business fees under Section 162 - or Section 212?

I don't think the dog kennel fees rise to the level of reasonable and necessary business expenses, but it's an interesting issue.

Just throwing this out here - seeing what sticks.


answered 04 Nov '09, 02:34

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I agree with you and thanks for the vote of confidence. I think I said somthing similar above, but I took it one step further with a service or security dog for a business and probably read too much into the question. – Brent Berkman 58 secs ago

(04 Nov '09, 03:23) Brent Berkman

The difference is that you used the car to get to the airport. That does not apply to the dog. Now, if you rode the dog to the airport, or you travel by dogsled and it pulls you, that would be a different story.

(15 Nov '09, 22:06) stephenweins...
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